Cliff Collins

Fitness Sector

Director of Programmes, EuropeActive

Cliff Collins is currently the Programmes Director for EuropeActive. In the past few years he has been a member/observer at a number of EU Commission Expert Groups including in good governance, the economic dimension of sport, human resources development and promoting health-enhancing physical activity. For 3 years he worked on the European referencing of occupations. He has worked with EuropeActive for more than 8 years during which he managed four major EU-funded projects and the Study on Doping Prevention in Recreational Sport. He has helped to develop the sector qualification framework for fitness, and oversees the operations of the pan-European scheme for recognising the competencies of exercise professionals called EREPS.

Current activities include managing EuropeActive’s European Affairs Programme, overseeing two major Erasmus+ projects in active ageing, promoting healthy living for school children, and is also coordinating with the European Week of Sport activities, developing social dialogue for the active leisure sector and is working on a new skills agenda for the fitness sector.