Sector Skills Alliance: key experts and representatives to discuss the future of the European fitness sector

Representatives of the Sector Skills Alliance gathered in Cologne on Thursday 4th April 2019 to discuss the core trends and shape of the European Fitness Sector from now until 2030. Employers, researchers, consultants, public institutions, employees and suppliers joined EuropeActive in the second meeting of the Sector Skills Alliance for Fitness.

Several topics were discussed with the aim of predicting what future standards, qualifications and working methods will be like in the following years. The attendees initially focused on reviewing the labour market intelligence and foresight work to track the progress done.

They also debated about new findings in the industry as well as the core points to support the most. Economic and societal trends were analysed in depth to find out which are likely to affect future jobs and skills needs. The session gave way to develop a plan that focused on how to match labour market demand and supply of skills.

Based on the idea that employers and entrepreneurs should perform their best in recruiting, training and keeping the right people working in the industry, the meeting encouraged representatives to focus on the performance and accuracy of every single member in the sector in order to deliver effective and ground-breaking results to millions of customers.

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