EU delivered New Skills Agenda for Europe

On April 12, 2018 the EU member states delivered all 10 actions announced under the Skills Agenda for Europe, launched in June 2016. The last action was the adoption of the European Commission's proposal to revise the Europass framework. Commissioner for Employment, Social Affairs, Skills and Labour Mobility, Marianne Thyssen, welcomed the revision which includes the simplification and modernisation of the Europass CV and other skills tools to make skills and qualifications more visible and to help policy makers to anticipate labour market needs and trends:"I warmly welcome today's adoption in Council of the revision of the Europass Decision. With this final legislative adoption, we have now fully delivered on all 10 actions of the Skills Agenda for Europe.”

EuropeActive has been closely following the New Skills Agenda since its publication in June 2016. The agenda targeted:

  1. The quality and relevance of training and other ways of acquiring skills,
  2. The visibility and comparability of skills and qualifications
  3. The improvement of information and understanding of trends and patterns in demands for skills and jobs (skills intelligence) to enable people make better career choices, find quality jobs and improve their life chances.

EuropeActive joined synergies with the EU institutions in delivering its own skills agenda with e.g. the EU – funded actions SIQAF to increase understanding and trust of fitness and outdoor qualifications and the Blueprint project to improve education & training, skills-match and skills anticipation for the sector.

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