BLUEPRINT holds the future education, employment and skills for the fitness sector

The European fitness and physical activity sector has a new plan for its future development for training, qualifications and employment following the publication of the detailed BLUEPRINT report.

In the past 5 years EuropeActive has worked with partners to review, research and develop the complete plan for how fitness instructors will be skilled to work in the industry as we quickly move into the recovery and move into the future expansion of the sector.

Through 2 EU-funded actions EuropeActive and its partners, experts, and European Commission officers have developed a pathway that will help the sector to focus on developing new skills for current and future workers, for improving employability of young people, and supporting entrepreneurship and growth across the sector. Called BLUEPRINT for skills cooperation and employment, the detailed work has just been published in a compendium which is free to download here.

Accompanying the report are three videos which explain the work, context and background to provide the fitness and physical activity sector with the tools to power it into the future.

The BLUEPRINT project provides the most comprehensive research and analysis for almost any economic sector in Europe, and is a world-beating solution through the pathway for the sector to develop and prosper. Falling under one of the key pillars of EuropeActive’s new strategy for improving standards in the sector the pathway has 8 key stages for development and the BLUEPRINT project provides the explanation and detailed actions to see its full implementation.

Based on original research and evidence of best practices from across the world of employment and skills development, the BLUEPRINT project has the answers for the permanent structures to be put in place so the sector can develop and deliver an ever-increasing range of high-quality products and services in its mission to get more people, more active, more often.

Director of Professional Standards Committee Julian Berriman said: "The Blueprint project has been an enormous undertaking, but its outcomes and proposals will continue to strengthen the role of EuropeActive as the representative association for skills and employment cooperation in the fitness and physical activity sector. It is a must read for anyone with a vested interest in the on-going development and professionalisation of our workforce".

Executive Director Andreas Paulsen stated: “The completion of the BLUEPRINT project marks an important milestone on EuropeActive's persistent journey to help our sector professionalise and up-skill through standards. We have given this area additional priority under the Standards heading of EuropeActive’s Manifesto. The education, skills, occupations and jobs, which BLUEPRINT helps our sector develop, will be highly valuable to our general recovery post-Covid19.

I would also like to take this opportunity to congratulate all of EuropeActive’s partners, experts and staff members who made BLUEPRINT a remarkable success, as well as a reference point for skills, education and employment across Europe", he concluded.

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