EuropeActive in Luxembourg to discuss Active Leisure qualifications

EuropeActive’s director of programmes Cliff Collins and policy officer Elisabeth Thienemann met with the Director of the Ecole Nationale de l’Education Physique et des Sports (ENEPS), Charles Stelmes and his team 2 July 2019. ENEPS advises the Ministry of Sport of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and is responsible for introducing Sport and Active Leisure Qualifications on the LuxQF, the Luxembourgish National Qualifications Framework. It has been a very fruitful meeting to identify synergies of ENEPS and EuropeActive’s work in relation to standards setting and qualification development.

Sector Skills Alliance representatives gathered in Brussels to focus on current trends and future opportunities in the European Active Leisure Sector

Representatives of the Sector Skills Alliance gathered in Brussels on Thursday 27th June 2019 to focus on the evolution and future trends of the European Active Leisure sector. The meeting was attended by representative employer and employee associations form the European Fitness and Outdoor Sector and representatives from DG EMPL, DG EAC and EACEA from the European Commission. The meeting was opened by chairperson Dr.

New Fitness Qualification System approved in France

With the recent approval of the French Ministry of Sport a new Professional Qualification Certificate (CQP) for Fitness Instructor has been developed that will open new opportunities for the training and qualification of fitness professionals. The design of the CQP is based on EuropeActive standards and has been proposed by a consortium including France Active, Planet Fitness and the sport employers’ organisation COSMOS. The CQP can be considered to be a sector-led initiative that should become an alternative to the current brevet d’état system.

VPL Biennale Overview

The BLUEPRINT project was recently represented at the 3rd Validation of Prior Learning (VPL) Biennale in Berlin.  The event provided an opportunity share projects and experiences in how we are making informal and non-formal learning visible, and are valuing its worth.

The programme include Key Note speeches from policy makers leading the way in VPL, workshops providing more detail about existing projects, and the chance to evolve and commit to the Berlin Declaration on the Validation of Prior Learning.

The future of work in the EU

One big promise from the European Union is the free movement of people and goods.

Therefore, mutual understanding of competences and qualifications is crucial to make labour market mobility in the EU reality. And it has been done a lot in this regard: NQFs, EQF, ECTS and ECVET are so called transparency tools currently used by all member states to support transparency of certificates, diplomas and qualifications.

Ultimately, transparency is necessary to value and to be able to remunerate persons’ work in accordance with their skills, knowledge and competences.