Forward a Sectoral Qualification Framework.

20th to 22nd March 2017, representatives of the active leisure sector, EuropeActive and EC-OE hold a very fruitful and informative meeting in Mijoux, France. The SIQAF task force invited for the 3rd meeting experts on referencing national qualifications to the Swiss National Qualification Framework. The expert consultations where a great opportunity to gain first hand experiences on how to reference qualifications to a NQF. In addition, the Swiss consistency examiner for the NQF gave his approach and perspective on the process.
With 15 year of experience in Europass, Philippe Tissot from CEDEFOP presented his work and different tools to enhance visibility of skills. On the second day, Koen Nomden from DG EMPL joined the task force and contributed to the meeting with a presentation of the New Skills Agenda for Europe. The next meetings are scheduled for June in Gdansk, Poland and for November in Rome, Italy where results will be presented as well to the participants of the International Standards meeting for peer review.

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